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Our Mission

Our mission at Recovery2U is to enhance your performance through recovery.

Don't let time, location and financial strain stop you from getting the recovery your body and mind deserve!

We provide mobile recovery zones straight to individuals and events filled with elite level recovery equipment. Once in location, we provide guidance and protocols that will have you at your very best throughout your competition or event.

Contact us to see how we can assist you with your recovery needs.

Recovery For All - The Recovery2U Story

At Recovery2U, we know that training is key. If you want to achieve truely great results, you have to work harder and put in more than most. But we also know that our hard fought efforts will provide little in enhancing our performance if we neglect to recover.


As our schedules fill up and spare time becomes a scarcity, our recovery program is usually the first to be pushed aside. With the vision to provide everyone the opportunity to have elite level sports recovery systems at hand we created Recovery2U.


From athletes to business executives, self-employed operators to stay-at-home parents, we cater for all shapes and sizes, from individual sessions to large multi-day events.

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